how to stop glottel fry

How to Stop Vocal Fry From Ruining Your Career

We are in the business of getting people to view us as intelligent and capable and to do what we tell them to do. (Buy my widget! Hire me! Like my ideas!) If you want people to process your message and do what you tell them to do, why would you distract them with vocal fry? If all anyone says about …

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how to make chit-chat

3 Things That Make Chit-Chat Oh So Awkward

How many times have you met someone, had a bit of small talk for 2 awkward minutes & moved on never to speak with that person again? Every person you ever meet isn’t going to be your friend but we do need to actively build new relationships. We’re social animals and need to have relationships with people. We need to start conversations …

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how to fix body language

Body Language Fixes You Need Right Now

I was introduced to a podcast called “Stuff You Should Know” on a recent epic road trip with my brother, Peter, & his family. He wanted me to hear an episode on Body Language knowing it was right up my alley. These two guys do a bunch of research on a topic & then discuss it on their podcast. Super …

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what's your verbal brand

What’s Your Verbal Brand?

How does your voice sound, and what words do you choose? Are you crystal clear & magnetic? Branding is ultra important for your firm as well as for you personally. But what’s your voice and speaking style saying about you? It’s putting out messages that may not represent you. Your voice & your speech are a massive part of your brand. …

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find your true voice

Find Your True Voice

You’re probably really good at what you do, but maybe everyone doesn’t know the full extent of it. When you find your true voice, you can get your message out there when it matters most. Scroll down to the Find Your True Voice section if you want to skip the background & go straight to the techniques. 4 Definitive Techniques …

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