how to be assertive yet warm

How to Be Assertive Yet Warm

Do you need to assert yourself more? Perhaps you don’t speak up for yourself. You let your ideas, however brilliant, go unsaid. Or possibly you do assert yourself, but you come across as aggressive. Or rude, even. Neither of these is helpful at all for your career or your relationships. So if you’re sitting around …

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how to get people to like you

How to Get People to Like You in 9 Easy Steps

We all know that person to whom everyone gravitates. The guy who makes everyone laugh, who leads the conversations and tells suspenseful stories.  He somehow gets everyone to like him! He’s like a people magnet. Everyone wants to be around him and be like him. He’s sought-after for jobs and projects. Did you think every charming & …

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how to make chit-chat

3 Things That Make Chit-Chat Oh So Awkward

How many times have you met someone, had a bit of small talk for 2 awkward minutes & moved on never to speak with that person again? Every person you ever meet isn’t going to be your friend but we do need to actively build new relationships. We’re social animals and need to have relationships with people. We …

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what's your verbal brand

What’s Your Verbal Brand?

Your verbal brand can make or break you, and you probably didn’t even know you had one. It’s ultra-important in every situation your find yourself in, from virtual meetings to interviews, first impressions, and presentations. Did you ever know someone magnetic and charming? Someone who made you feel good when you were around them? Someone …

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