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how to have a voice that captivates

The Voice Spa

The Voice Spa will teach you to speak with your natural voice, free of strain and stress that weakens your voice and throat. Our students cannot believe the effects of their new voice.

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The Perfect Accent

Learn to speak with a crystal clear Standard American accent. People will immediately understand how smart you are, when you’re being funny, and when you are making a serious point. You can do this in just weeks with a little effort.

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The Executive Communicator

Speak confidently and with authority, even under the most stressful professional situations — from interviews to performance evaluations. With practice pressure situations become opportunities to shine.

Eliminate Upspeak Practice Exercises

How to Eliminate Upspeak Practice Exercises

Practice how to stop using upspeak. This video will give you practice sentences that you can follow along with and repeat. You'll gain the muscle memory of using downspeak, which is the intonation pattern you need to use if you want to be persuasive.

How to be Relaxed in High-Stakes Situations

To be effective during anxiety-ridden, high-stakes situations, you need to be completely relaxed. Only when you're perfectly relaxed can you access your pre-frontal cortex during stressful moments.
Practice these exercises for 6 minutes twice per day. You'll be ...


How to be an influential communicator in high stakes situations

The Influential Speaker video course teaches you the techniques necessary to be persuasive. There are essential skills needed to be convincing. This course teaches you the fundamentals and gives you...