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how to speak clearly

How to Speak Clearly in 7 Easy Steps

It’s more complicated than you may think to speak clearly in all situations. So don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not communicating well all the time. Have you ever felt like you talk too fast or use too high of a pitch? Or maybe you use too many words, and you end up getting the glaze over, or your spouse just gets

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how to be a better presenter

How to Be a Better Presenter in 9 Easy Steps

How did that TED Talker do it? How did she entertain me and change my ideas so quickly and easily? I was swept off my feet by her charisma and easy style. The time passed so fast, and I was hanging on to her every word. Now I’m a believer in what she’s selling! What did she do that won

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how to network for success

How to Network for Success–A Comprehensive Guide to Networking

If networking is a bad word for you, you may be thinking about it all wrong. Perhaps you associate networking with going to events where everyone is chatting everyone up and trading business cards.  When you use the word networking, you may automatically put pressure on yourself to succeed. That pressure makes networking feel like a negative thing. If you

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how to get people to like you

How to Get People to Like You in 9 Easy Steps

We all know that person to whom everyone gravitates. The guy who makes everyone laugh, who leads the conversations and tells suspenseful stories.  He’s like a people magnet. Everyone wants to be around him and be like him. He’s sought-after for jobs and projects. Did you think every charming & charismatic person was born that way? (Or her. I’m not sexist. I

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what makes a great communicator

What’s the Difference Between a Great Communicator & a Poor Communicator?

What are the characteristics that make someone a good communicator? And why is it important? How can your communication skills impact your life? Your communication skills impact your entire life. From start to finish. And they can make or break you. “Good communication skills” are on every job post. But the vast majority of firms who are looking for great

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how to stop glottel fry

How to Stop Vocal Fry From Ruining Your Career

We are all in the business of getting people to view us as intelligent and capable and to do what we tell them to do. (Buy my widget! Hire me! Like my ideas!) If you want people to process your message and do what you tell them to do, why would you distract them with vocal fry? If all anyone says

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how to stop losing your voice

How to Stop Losing Your Voice

Often lose your voice? And always at the wrong moment, right? Suddenly it’s a bit hoarse and then becomes crackly, and then you lose your voice completely. Or maybe it’s a constant struggle for you. You do a lot of speaking, and your voice has become much more challenging for you to get out & for people to hear. Losing

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how to become a persuasive speaker

How to Become a Persuasive Communicator in 15 Minutes

Did you ever have a concept crystal clear in your brain? And when you went to say it aloud, it came out nothing like you’d prepared in your head? Were you ever in a situation where things got a bit confrontational, and you just clammed up? But then, a few hours later, you realized what you should’ve said? Do you

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how to have amazing communication skills

Do You Want the Secrets to Having Magnificent Communication Skills?

Do people hang on to your every word? Are they sitting at the edge of their seats when you speak?  Do you know people who can mesmerize their audience when they tell a story? Do you know people who exude executive presence just sitting in a room with you? People enjoy being with them and they are influential. These excellent

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