Custom Designed Programs for Businesses and Individuals

How to be a great communicator

These courses are designed from the ground up based on the needs of the individual or group. We work with you first to identify your objectives and then do a thorough assesment. After the assesment we put together a program for you or your organization that will satisfy your schedule, budget and needs. For those looking to accomplish their goals as cost effectively as possible, we can do a mix of online courses and one on one sessions.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to speak about our custom designed courses, CLICK HERE.

Online Courses

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how to have a voice that captivates

The Voice Spa

The Voice Spa will teach you to speak with your natural voice, free of strain and stress that weakens your voice and throat. Our students cannot believe the effects of their new voice.

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The Perfect Accent

Learn to speak with a crystal clear Standard American accent. People will immediately understand how smart you are, when you’re being funny, and when you are making a serious point. You can do this in just weeks with a little effort.

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The Executive Communicator

Speak confidently and with authority, even under the most stressful professional situations — from interviews to performance evaluations. With practice pressure situations become opportunities to shine.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I looked forward every week to the voice and presentation coaching sessions with Ita. She is a true expert, an effective teacher, and an extremely engaging person to get to know. Her insights fundamentally changed the way I interact with people professionally and personally and I can't thank her enough for her talent and expertise.
Helena Bouchez
New York, USA
It’s amazing the influence I now have over others! My voice and speech make me magic! I’ve been promoted twice now thanks to my amazing ability to communicate.
Director, American Express
From USA
Ita offers a unique service. She understands how to make your voice sound smooth, professional, but real. I've enjoyed working with Ita and my voice has benefited. Very glad I found Ita.
Emily Lonigro
Chicago, USA
My training with Ita is one of the most profound and powerful changes I've ever made in my life.
Colleen Kenny
Los Angeles, USA