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How Do I Stop Talking So Fast And Other Bad Speaking Habits

So you find yourself talking too fast sometimes, huh? Here’s the good news: You’re not alone. Most people speak too fast, at least sometimes in their lives.

But here comes the bad news: It happens most when the stakes are high. Yup. When you need to deliver your message in the most eloquent, smashing way is when you start to screw up.

Why do you talk so fast in high-stake situations?

Well, it’s no mystery. It’s because you want something out of those situations. The more you want it, the more your body goes into fight-or-flight.

Granted, some folks speak too quickly in all speaking situations, but they may find they speed up even more when they’re in high-pressure situations.

Stay with my here:

Did you ever notice that your bad speaking habits happen in high-stakes situations? When you’re comfy cozy with someone you know well, you’ve got no problems at all.

But in a meeting or delivering a presentation–that’s a different story! Suddenly you can draw a blank and forget what you were going to say! Or you just start talking too fast and using too many words to deliver a simple point.

The evil voice in your head can make you talk too fast, too.

Did you ever get that voice in your head? While you’re working on a project, the voice tells you how talented you are? You’re such a genius; your project is spot-on and you’re going to crush it!

Then you’re in front of your audience and you’re explaining your project to your boss or the prospects, and suddenly your generous Jekyll voice turns into Mr. Hyde. WaaaHaaHaaHaaaa! This new, evil voice is telling you how your ideas aren’t good enough and you should just shut up and sit down.

how do I stop talking so fast

Influential people already know the rules.

And they’re not going to stop learning.

They went after the techniques for being persuasive and charming. They learned them and they practiced them. 

They learned how to speak with a standard American English accent. They learned and practice being concise while speaking and they learned how to answer difficult questions and diffuse tense situations.

They understand that being very well-spoken is a skill, not a gift. They’ve studied and practiced everything else they’re good at so why should influence and likability be any different?

How to Make Your Speaking Voice Better

Let’s take a look at some case studies.

C-Level Executives.

I’m an executive, good at my job, been going up the ranks in my career.

When I was in meetings, though, I felt like no one was listening to me. Often I couldn’t get what was in my head out of my mouth.

Sometimes someone else would say just what I was trying to say and get massive kudos for it! It was my idea! And when I got nervous, I would talk crazy fast! 

I met with Ita, and she told me that none of this was a mystery. That I was normal & it happened to most people! All fantastic communicators have worked on their communication skills!

How to Speak Clearly in 7 Easy Steps

The skills I learned at Convey were life-changing. Literally. My life has changed for the better. People listen to me speak; they follow my advice and direction; I’m not nervous before or during presentations–quite the opposite–I love presenting now! Who’d of thought that?! Not me!

Peter Clark

How to Be a Great Conversationalist

To stop speaking so fast, speak in bullets

Thank you, Peter!

Peter found me on LinkedIn and told me he was a C-level exec at a major corporation. He was well-spoken on the phone and described that he had intense meetings that could become ungovernable. I noticed he spoke a bit fast even on our phone call.

All we had to do was get him to use some pauses and be more concise. I taught him how to make his utterances more like bullet points. 

Then we worked to make his skills a habit in his life so he never has to think about slowing down again.

how do I stop talking so fast

Please stop interrupting me.

I was doing well in my career, moving up the ladder and finding myself in more client meetings. But sometimes people would interrupt me or not understand my message. Sometimes I’d be speaking, and my mind would draw a blank. I had no idea what the problem was!

Then my colleague told me about Convey. The process was seamless. I met with Ita; she told me precisely what I was doing wrong to allow people to interrupt me, and taught me how to fix it.

Now I speak clearly, concisely, and at a great pace as a habit!  never knew it was a thing!

Krista Callahan

How to Eliminate Filler Words Forever

To stop speaking fast use breath groups.

Krista was such a pleasure to work with! 

She presented with overly wordy speech and she connected all of her ideas with “um”s and “and”s. Don’t laugh! Most people do!

This was causing folks to not understand her message fully and feel the need to interrupt to get to the point.

All we had to do was help her to speak in concise bullets (noticing a pattern here?) and train her to do it habitually. This also helped her speak at a normal rate. Not too fast and not too slow.

Accent reduction, it’s a thing.

I’m originally from Japan, but after 17 years on Long Island, my accent was a mix of the two. It was awful.

I met with Ita–she was amazing! She told me we could do this!

Twelve sessions later, I gave a speech at my best friend’s wedding. I was easily able to apply all the techniques Ita taught me. It was incredible. One woman blamed me for smearing her makeup; she was crying so hard.

Miwa Sbinowitz

You can completely change your accent, no matter what anyone says. I’ve been doing it for my clients successfully for 25 years. You only have to want it bad enough and follow the rules 🙂

Of course, speaking at a normal rate is a part of accent reduction. 

The Perfect Accent video course will teach you everything you need to speak with a Standard American English accent. Pronunciation, American back resonance, rhythm, intonation, etc.

You’ll be crystal clear and highly persuasive in all high-stakes situations. People will find you credible and they’ll be able to see the real you.

My speaking voice!

I hated the sound of my voice. It was timid and sing-songy. It was causing me to be interrupted when presenting at work. It used to take me as many as ten tries to record a voice-mail message.

When I listened to myself, it didn’t sound intelligent. I looked forever for help and never found it until I started working with Ita.  She understood me right away and explained that I had to do my part of the work. It took time, but it wasn’t hard.

The results have been incredible–my voice is charismatic and confident all at the same time. I’m never interrupted, and people love my ideas!” 

V Lynch Citibank

how do I stop talking so fast

Bad speaking habits.

Guys, guys, guys. Please don’t be under the pervasive misconception that the voice you’re speaking with is the voice you’ll have forever. That the voice you’re speaking with is your natural voice. This is not the case.  You can improve your speaking voice significantly.

In fact, you probably should–the voice you’re speaking with is likely hindered by physiological tension. This can cause damage to your vocal cords as well as make your voice sound less attractive and less magnetic.


Magnetic people have magnetic voices.

Do you love the voice you hear on the recorder? Because that’s the one other people hear. Most people don’t know they are not speaking with their true voice, but yes, their voices are hindered by physiological tension.

Just a bit of training with The Voice Spa and you’ll end up with a convincing compelling voice that people love listening to. It’ll also teach you to be more influential and concise.

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  1. A fluency disorder causes problems with the flow, rhythm, and speed of speech. If you stutter, your speech may sound interrupted or blocked, as though you are trying to say a sound but it doesn’t come out. You may repeat part or all of a word as you to say it. You may drag out syllables. Or you may talk breathlessly, or seem tense while trying to speak. If you clutter, you often speak fast and merge some words together or cut off parts of them. You may sound like you are slurring or mumbling. And you may stop and start speech and say “um” or “uh” often when talking.

  2. Talking too fast.. Yet another one of my bad habits. Usually this is from my anxiety, but I love that there are tricks and techniques I can practice to help tone this down.

  3. Great reviews! I need to be able to communicate better too. My problem is I speak too fast whenever I’m nervous and then I end up running out of breath when I reach the end of my sentence. Would love to find out how I can work with you on that

    1. Thank you so much, Wiliam!

      The best way to get started is with The Voice Spa. It teaches you all the steps needed. It’s me on video going through it with you, assigning you homework 🙂 etc.

      Then you can think about having individual sessions with me 🙂

      1. Woahh the reviews are just amazing! Keep up the work. I also face this problem of talking fast due to anxiety / nervousness or sometimes I just want to complete my speech or any other talk as fast as possible and due to that my impression goes down, that’s worst of all. I will work on myself and would like to contact you for the same.

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