How to Not Be Nervous Before a Presentation

Guess what? It’s totally normal to be nervous before a speech. Actually, it’s genetics! We are genetically programmed to be fearful of strangers & groups of people. Not so long ago, the chance of strangers trying to do you some harm was very likely. We hung out in tribes. Other tribes were competition. Yeah. So fight or flight is the typical way people react to giving presentations. It’s up to us to change that. It’s up to us to actually learn how not to be nervous. Here’s how.

How to not be nervous during a presentation

5 Steps to Not Be Nervous

  1.  Be Relaxed. Learn some relaxation exercises. I have some fantastic ones. You can come to me, or you can go online to find some. Make them a habit. I teach all of my clients to FindYourRelaxedPlace in every communicative situation of their lives. 
  2. Love Your Audience.
  3. Once you remove the focus from yourself & think only about what the audience knows & what they need to know from you, you don’t worry about whether your audience will like you.
  4. Pick a song that motivates you and walk onto the stage with that song in your head. Stepping to the beat. (Subtly) Dancing onto the stage. How’s about a little JT “Can’t Stop the Feeling” Or “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. I’m telling you the dancing thing works!
  5. Keep your arms wide open for 10 minutes before your speech. Keep your arms open as you walk out on stage. A relaxed body will make it so you’ll not be nervous at all. You’ll feel happy! When your body is closed, you lose control over yourself & have no control over others. We need to control others! Not to do evil things! Please don’t do that. But we need people to believe that we’re experts in our wheelhouses. We need to control them enough to get them to understand our message & follow our call-to-action.
  6. As you walk on stage, make sure you lead with your core & not your head. It would help if you did this throughout your life. Your Body Language can control your emotions. Use them to your advantage.

do not be nervous before presentations

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3 thoughts on “How to Not Be Nervous Before a Presentation”

  1. Hi,
    Your tips are great! I identified a lot with the second tip. Beyond love, the domain of the content to be worked counts a lot.
    Breathing is my relaxation technique before and during the presentation. Helps keep you focused. Meditation also helps a lot.

  2. I had no idea that we were genetically programmed to be fearful of groups of people. Very interesting. I will have to try singing a song in my head and moving to the beat during the next time I have to give a presentation in front of my colleagues.

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