How Do I Stop Talking So Fast And Other Bad Speaking Habits

How To Stop Talking So Fast!

I’m a C-level executive and quite good at my job. When I was in meetings, though, I felt like no one was listening to me. Often I couldn’t get what was in my head out of my mouth. Sometimes someone else would say just what I was trying to say and get massive kudos for it! It was my idea! And when I got nervous, I would talk crazy fast!

I met with Ita, and she told me that none of this was a mystery. That I was normal & it happened to most people! All fantastic communicators have worked on their communication skills!

The skills I learned at Convey were life-changing. Literally. My life has changed for the better. People listen to me speak; they follow my advice and direction; I’m not nervous before or during presentations–quite the opposite–I love presenting now! Who’d of thought that?! Not me!

Peter Clark

how do I stop talking so fast

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“I hated the sound of my voice. It was timid and sing-songy. It was causing me to be interrupted, presenting at work. It used to take me as many as ten tries to record a voice-mail message.

When I listened to myself, it didn’t sound intelligent. I looked forever for help and never found it until I started working with Ita. She understood me right from the start and explained that I had to do my part of the work. It took time, but it wasn’t hard. The results have been incredible–my voice is charismatic and confident all at the same time. I’m never interrupted, and people love my ideas!”

VL Citibank

stop talking so fast

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“I’m originally from Japan, but after 17 years in Long Island, my accent was a mix of the two. It was awful. Twelve sessions later, I gave a speech at my best friend’s wedding. I was easily able to apply all the techniques Ita taught me. It was incredible. One woman blamed me for smearing her makeup; she was crying so hard.”

Miwa Sbinowitz

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  1. Talking too fast.. Yet another one of my bad habits. Usually this is from my anxiety, but I love that there are tricks and techniques I can practice to help tone this down.

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