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3 Quick Tricks to Cure Stage Fright

Are you afraid of public speaking? C’mon, you can admit it. You’re not alone. Studies show that people are more fearful of speaking in public than flying, going bankrupt, or even dying. But know that you can cure your stage fright. There’s no healthy pill yet, but I’ve got some easy solutions for you.

Are you petrified to speak in public? Are you a corporate professional or an artist who suffers from a bit of stage fright?

There’s excellent news. You can cure stage fright.

You don’t have to have a diagnosed social anxiety disorder to feel dread or panic when speaking to an audience. Some studies report that nearly 90% of people have stage fright.

Although it may seem scary to speak in public, your current fear doesn’t have to be your future reality. It’s my job to help you communicate calmly and clearly so that everyone can see your genius. Let’s make your fear of presenting a thing of the past.


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Stage Fright:  What Is It?

It’s commonly known as the nervousness or fear we feel before we go on stage. But that fear is “all in your head.” Literally. Your pre-frontal cortex shuts down, allowing for your prehistoric brain to take over–causing you to go into “fight or flight.” For a very long time in human history, we had excellent reasons to fear other people. It’s only a blip in time that we haven’t usually been defending ourselves from sticks & stones.

I want you to imagine the absolute worst thing that can happen when you’re up on stage and put it in the comments; I’d love to hear.

None of my clients have ever said, “dying.” They usually say, “draw a blank,” “look like a fool,” etc. That’s not going to happen! If you don’t follow my instructions, you may draw a blank, sweat a bit, and have shaky knees. But that comes from the fright or flight business. So let’s change that!

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Cure Stage Fright

These are your quick & easy tricks to public speaking without fear. If you know me, you’ll know I’m all about training. I train my clients to be super smooth, cool as a cucumber on stage. But this may be a good place for you to start. It may be all you need. 🙂


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1. Love your audience

Be selfless. Empathy and affection are your secret weapons.

Don’t think about yourself at all. Think only about your audience and how much they need to hear you. You are helping them and changing their lives by delivering your message.

Concentrate on what your audience knows and what they need to know. They lack the knowledge that you have. They lack your perspective! They need to hear it! Make their improvement & education your passion. The result will be that you’ll forget about yourself & the possibility of looking like a fool!

And besides that, even if you make a mistake or you have spinach in your teeth, it’ll only make your audience love you more. They don’t want to listen to a robot or a perfect human. Nobody wants that! You will be your wonderful, comfortable self up there.

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2. Exercise as a distraction

Do 20 jumping jacks, or three yoga poses before your speaking event.  It keeps you in the present without thinking about the future.

Worrying is a way of projecting yourself into the future and imagining everything that can go wrong. Stay in the present with a few exercises. Resulting in your being too distracted to be afraid.

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3. Do something you aren’t looking forward to right before the event

You know all those hours of dread you felt before your presentation? Well, those are what’s causing you to have that fear when you walk on stage. Plan something you dread as much or nearly as much right before your presentation & that’ll give you less time to freak yourself out.

Call your mother-in-law or make that appointment with the dentist you’ve been dreading. Distract yourself with a necessary but dreaded chore.

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You’ll be in the present & you’ll have great relief when you’re done with the call to your MIL or dentist. Then you can go directly on stage not have worried about a thing because it’s the worrying that kills you!

Once you’re able to cure stage fright, your life will have improved! No more lost sleep. The results are life-changing. People will actually be following your call-to-action. They’ll be doing what you tell them to do! They’ll believe you.

Your Secret Weapon

The most important and useful thing you can do is my relaxation exercises.  After three or four weeks of doing them correctly, you won’t need any other “quick tricks.” Calm, cool, and collected will be your middle name. Learn a bit about me.

6 thoughts on “3 Quick Tricks to Cure Stage Fright”

  1. Nice post. Stage fright happens to everyone at some point in their life. Your tips are helpful to those striving to get over it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Love your audience! Brilliant! It’s hard to stop focusing on myself, but you’re right, if you just think about your audience needing to understand your message you can forget about worrying what everyone is thinking of you.

  3. Brittney Pagan

    I can really relate to this article. When I step up in front of an audience it’s like something takes the control away from me. I can’t speak correctly, my vision gets blurry, my whole body is tingling and my hands can’t even for a moment try to stay still. After I’ve struggled through those few minutes and my speech is done, I sit down in my seat, and I can’t even remember what I just did. It is truly an awful feeling, to not have control. But these made me determined to give it my best and most confident self.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Brittney! What you describe is more common than most people think. The famous line from Jerry Seinfeld (paraphrase: Since more people are afraid of public speaking than death, at a funeral they’d rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy!

      The truth of the matter is that our bodies go into fight or flight when we get in front of an audience. And the effects you describe are what fight or flight does to our bodies. So if you learn to relax habitually in high-stakes situations you’ll be able to eliminate the effects of FOF from your body.

      The Voice Spa will teach you how!

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