We make you crystal clear & highly persuasive.
Get the tools you need to succeed.



How you sound and the way you speak can be the key to professional success. Find out how much more powerful you could be.


Finally - have a truly natural accent.




Because what you have to say is important. And probably pretty genius. Schedule a consultation with Ita Olsen today and learn how to transform your life by becoming crystal clear & highly persuasive. You can improve your speech easily & quickly.


Our custom courses train you to master interpersonal communication using verbal and nonverbal techniques.

Accent Reduction Courses


Sick of hearing “where are you from?” in business meetings? Our proven techniques will make sure your listeners hear your message, not your accent.

Persuasive Speaking


Speak confidently and with authority, even under the most stressful professional situations — from interviews to performance evaluations.

Accent Reduction Course Online


Your speech coach analyzes your spoken and nonverbal communication, then trains you to choose the right words to convey your message efficiently and persuasively.

Your voice can change your life.

Online Accent Reduction


After an initial consultation with a speech coach you’ll have a course designed specifically around your needs. We can conduct your classes online or in person, with the frequency that best suits your needs and schedule.

You don’t have to choose

Let the experts speech coach at Convey evaluate your needs and custom-design a program just for you. Relax and have a conversation with Ita Olsen. She’ll listen to you, assess your skills and have the solution for you in no time.

Get a Consultation


Because what you have to say is important. And probably pretty genius. But it may not sound that way during the most important situations. Are people doing what you tell them to do? Are they doing it promptly and easily? You won’t believe how influential and powerful you can be.


Course Type: Custom Designed
Duration: 5 to 10 sessions
Perfect For: Ambitious communicators desiring a Standard American accent

Learn to speak with a professional Standard American accent off-the-cuff, without having to think about your speech. With crystal clear speech, people will immediately understand how smart you are, when you’re being funny, and when you are making a serious point.

Don’t let miscommunication stand in your way of getting what you need out of life. At our accent reduction classes, we have a proprietary program that gets you crystal clear and persuasive in a very short time. You never have to go anywhere else, and you never have to come back to us. The tools we give you become habits.

Crystal clear Standard American English. Because what you have to say is important. And probably pretty genius.

Custom Designed Accent Reduction Lessons. Click for a free consultation.

Mini Accent Reduction Class. 1 hour session with your speech coach resulting in massive change in your clarity and accent.  Immediate results.

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Course Type: Custom Designed
Duration: 4 to 8 sessions
Perfect For: Anyone looking to unlock the power of their own voice

Do you love the sound of your voice? Do you want to have a voice that drips with fullness, resonance and poise? Do you know that you can? Yes, you can. Convey Clearly is here with their english accent reduction classes to help you find your true voice. The beautifully compelling and magnetic voice that’s hiding behind physiological tension and bad habits. You are going to sound so gorgeous in all areas of your life! People react positively to a gorgeous voice. Our accent reduction lessons helps to make your life run smoothly.

Find the magnetic, authoritative, credible, warm voice that makes people listen and do what you say.

Custom Voice Spa. Click for a free consultation.

Mini Voice Spa. 1 session resulting in much improvement to your voice. You learn many techniques to get the voice you need to succeed.

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Course Type: Custom Designed
Duration: 4 to 6 sessions
Perfect For: Professionals desiring powerful presentation skills

Our clients give amazing presentations. Strangers come up to them & say, “Where did you get your awesome presentation skills?” That’s because we teach them to be completely relaxed; organize their speech in the most influential way; tell impactful stories; have a strong, clear call-to-action; and much more.

You end up relaxed, confident, and highly persuasive in front of an audience. You have the tools at the ready at all times.

Custom Presentation Skills Course. Click for a free consultation.

Mini Bar. 1 sesh. You come away with incredibly improved presentation skills.

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Course Type: Custom Designed
Duration: 4 to 6 sessions
Perfect For: Anyone feeling underappreciated or powerless

Are people listening to you in meetings? Are they doing what you tell them to do? Do people let you speak without interrupting?

Easily get people to listen to you and follow your lead. Right now you’re not finding it so easy to get others to do what you tell them to do. And since what you’re telling them is good for them and good for your organization, they should listen, right? This course will have people following your directions quickly and with no questions asked.

Custom Designed Influence Course. Click for a free consultation.

Mini influence class. In a 1-hour session, we’ll give you techniques to apply influence and authority in your work and everyday life.

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Ita Olsen is one of the world’s leading authorities on speech and human communications. Her groundbreaking approach rapidly enables clients to acquire powerful and persuasive communications abilities that deliver an immediate and positive multiple return on investment — both personally and professionally.

  • Featured in The Today Show, Good Morning America, WB11, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Allure Magazine, NY Post, Daily Candy and many others.
  • Works with top executives and managers at leading institutions
  • Works with entertainers and performers to improve their vocal signatures
  • Author of two books, Great Intonations and The Perfect Accent
  • Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Speech Language Pathology
English Accent Reduction Classes
Online Accent Reduction
Accent Reduction Online
English Accent Reduction

It’s amazing the influence I now have over others! My voice and speech make me magic! I’ve been promoted twice now thanks to my amazing ability to communicate.

Alicia T

Ita offers a unique service. She understands how to make your voice sound smooth, professional, but real. I've enjoyed working with Ita and my voice has benefited. Very glad I found Ita.

Director, American Express

I looked forward every week to the voice and presentation coaching sessions with Ita. She is a true expert, an effective teacher, and an extremely engaging person to get to know. Her insights fundamentally changed the way I interact with people professionally and personally and I can't thank her enough for her talent and expertise.

Emily Lonigro

My training with Ita is one of the most profound and powerful changes I've ever made in my life.

Helena Bouchez

Ita Olsen is an audio visionary! Working with Ita helped me improve my speaking confidence and get greater control of my own voice. Her lessons were so powerful that I invited several team members to work with her as well. I highly recommend working with Ita if you are looking to bring your speaking and presentation skills to the next level.

Colleen KennyVP Marketing, CBS

Ita has been a fantastic secret weapon for me. My "camera voice" is richer and much clearer since I started working with her.

Jurgen Van Pletsen

Ita has a proven method for improving speech abilities and presentation skills. She is my personal confidence coach, and has worked with many on my staff. I would recommend her services to anyone who would benefit from being perceived by colleagues or clients as professional, expert and confident in all settings.

Lane Kent

Speaking in a compelling way lends credibility and working with Convey has helped me find my voice, one that filled with resonance, warmth and confidence!

Marianne Hee

Convey has been a remarkable experience that’s giving me the power to uncover more of my inner abilities and to communicate more effectively.

Sandra Mendoza

Ita is a highly skilled expert and educator. She has the fastest, most efficient method of accent reduction I have ever experienced. Her results last and the tools she taught me keep all the progress intact.

Teo CristeaActor

Before Convey, I tried several different sources, but the outcomes weren’t as good. I saw huge improvement in only 2 months' training with Ita. Not only do I sound American, but I'm much more confident communicating with senior managers & clients.

VP, Merrill Lynch

Ita gave me specific tools to improve my public speaking skills and they worked. I am now confident and enthusiastic speaking in front of people.

VP, Orly International



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