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Speak Better with a Magnetic Voice

Have you ever met someone with a gorgeous voice and you were completely magnetized? You think “Wow! This person was blessed with a gorgeous voice!”

If he has a gorgeous voice it means he has a completely relaxed vocal mechanism. His throat has zero tension. 

I’m continually shocked by the number of people who hate their voices and don’t know they can do something about it! Most people are walking around talking in their throats with voices that are less than stellar.

And most people have no idea that their voice is not a permanent characteristic. You can and should change your voice.

How to Speak Clearly in 7 Easy Steps

Stress & high-stakes situations impact your voice.

We want to succeed in this life, so we put ourselves in challenging situations like going for promotions and gigs, or being interviewed on Bloomberg or The Today Show.

So your body goes into fight or flight. One of the first things your body does in fight or flight is close your throat. Once your throat is closed you have limited access to your prefrontal cortex. 

Then, you get home and relaxed but a lot of that tension stays behind. It takes up residence in your throat. 

How to Speak with a Magnetic Voice

  1. Eliminate tension in your throat.
  2. Don’t speak in your throat.
  3. Use your throat as a tube that air travels through.
  4. Use back resonance, not your lips!

The easiest way to speak with a magnetic voice is to take The Voice Spa online video course. Not only will it teach you to have a magnetic voice, but you’ll learn to speak concisely, powerfully, and warmly. You’ll be super engaging and magnetic.

how to speak with a magnetic voice

Your voice directly impacts people's perception of you.

The way you use your voice directly impacts how you’re perceived by the world and how persuasive you are.

When you’re talking in your throat, people automatically don’t have a tremendous amount of confidence in you.

Conversely, when you use a flowing, full resonant voice you’re the one with charisma and executive presence.

How to be influential e-book

9 Secret Steps to Influencing Others

Want to be more influential? We all want to communicate our most important messages in a way that encourages others to take action. Whether that action is voting for our candidate or picking up milk from the store, the words we use and how we speak play a huge role in getting the job done.

Talking in your throat & front resonance.

In addition to not talking in your throat, you also want to make sure that you’re using back resonance. That you have to place the focus of air vibration over the back of your tongue instead of in the front of your mouth. And you were like, “What the heck is Ita talking about!?” I’m talking about using a magnetic voice!

Take The Voice Spa

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The Voice Spa online video course.

How much resonance and where do you place it?

The use of front resonance is all bad. It gives you a sound that’s less credible & magnetic. It corresponds with a thin resonance which doesn’t have a “big” impact on the listener.  Front resonance also corresponds with a regional or foreign accent.

However, the use of back resonance is all amazing. It makes people listen to you & follow your directions easily.

4 Definitive Techniques to Making Small Talk

People with much influence usually do so with a magnetic voice. To have a voice with the resonance in the back you need to limit your lip movement when you speak.

Of course your lips come together when you say, /p/, /b/ & /m/ but otherwise please don’t round your lips for /o/ & /u/ and don’t stick them out for /sh/ and /th/. That’s front resonance in full swing! Don’t move your face except to show expressions.

Do you know the story about Morgan Freeman’s voice?

Using a Magnetic Voice

Next, you need to focus the vibration in the back of the mouth over the back of your tongue. It gives you a gorgeous, fuller sound that gets people to listen to you & do what you say.

Also, remember that our voices are essentially air molecules vibrating. The more air you use the better you’ll sound.

Just make sure the air comes out of your mouth–not your nose!

What's your face doing?

Another problem with front resonance is it causes lines in your face.  Forehead lines & nasolabial lines.  Nasolabial lines are the ones that connect your nose to the corners of your lips.

Every client of mine who’s ever presented with lines in their face has eliminated them and ended up with a smooth face, including me.  

This lovely girl clearly uses front resonance when she speaks and has a lot of tension on her face.  Some relaxation exercises. can easily remedy this.

You don’t need surgery or fillers. Those are just muscles on your face. You can relax them, and it’ll smooth out your face. 

That’s what results in using a magnetic voice. 

Let me help you acquire a voice that’s magnetic & compelling!  Working with me will change your life!

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One of my amazing clients suggested I make an app of my relaxation exercises.  They teach you to be relaxed habitually.  All the time.  What do you think?

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  1. I’ve been looking into videos lately that demonstrate how to speak better with a magnetic voice. This article sums everything up perfectly. I never knew that front resonance caused forehead and nasolabial lines.

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