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how to be more concise when speaking

How to Be More Concise When Speaking-5 Actionable Steps

Have you ever listened to someone speak and have no clue what they are trying to say? Worse, have you ever tried to tell your colleague an idea or your friend a funny thing that happened to you and have their eyes glaze over? Or you’re at a meeting and you have a brilliant idea, you try to convey it

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How Do I Stop Talking So Fast And Other Bad Speaking Habits

Did you ever notice that your bad speaking habits happen in high-stakes situations? When you’re comfy cozy with someone you know well, you’ve got no problems at all. But in a meeting or delivering a presentation–that’s a different story! Suddenly you can draw a blank and forget what you were going to say! Or you just start talking too fast

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how to rock your virtual meeting

How to Rock Your Virtual Meetings-15 Tips to Being the Superstar

I used to think of meetings as an 85% waste of time. But now they’re imperative. We can’t just pop into someone’s office to ask a few questions. We aren’t able to bump into a teammate in the hallway and give an impromptu report. So now virtual meetings are necessary. And people’s unfamiliarity (and maybe even dislike) is causing errors.

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how to sound smart

3 Unbelievably Easy Steps to Sounding Smart

Coming across as intelligent is one of our main goals every time we open our mouths to speak. When we’re in a meeting or job interview, that’s almost all we care about. People have to believe we’re smart to find us credible and buy into our ideas. Even when with our friends or family, we want them to think of

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How to Sound Like Morgan Freeman–In 4 Steps

“I learned in school that most people speak in a higher register than normal because of tension. So the trick is to relieve the tension.”–Morgan FreemanHe’s right, you know. Most people use a much higher and tinnier sound than they were designed to do. It’s because we hold a great deal of physiological tension in our throats. It comes from

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online speech training with ita olsen

Online Speech Training Makes You Clear & Persuasive

Yes, we’re working from home suddenly. Well, actually I’ve been working from home for quite a while mostly. It’s not so bad if you like the people you live with. And if you don’t, you better have one heck-of-a-large house! Online speech training is what I do. About 4 or 5 times a year, I go into corporations and train

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how to be a great communicator

Being a Great Communicator can be Rocket Science and It’s Okay

It’s crazy how many people think they’re unique. Granted, each individual is unique in millions of ways. But not when it comes to communicating with others. We all suffer from the same speech & communication problems; the vast majority share the same emotions. But each client describes their speech issues as if they’re the only one who has them. We

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no one was born a perfect communicator

No One Was Born a Perfect Communicator

No one. Not nobody. Everyone you know who’s an incredible communicator has worked on it. Anyone who you come across who’s an impressive public speaker has worked on their presentation skills. They most likely still have a coach helping them. But the craziest thing is that everyone has a difficult time communicating in stressful situations and everyone thinks they’re the only one.

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