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get what you want with more persuasive speaking

Get What You Want with More Persuasive Speaking

Do people do precisely what you tell them to do when & how you tell them to do it?  Does your boss respect you and ask for your opinion?  Do people listen attentively to you at meetings?  Does your spouse easily agree with you? In other words, are you a persuasive speaker? Persuasive people are charming and charismatic.  They magically get

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how to speak better

How to Speak Better

You know someone has great speech when they have great relationships at work and in their personal lives. You know they have great communication skills when people react well to their new ideas, when no one interrupts them, and when people do what they tell them to do. These people made learning how to speak better a priority in their lives. Have you ever watched a

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how to speak better: is the way you're doing it now totally wrong?

How to Speak Better: Is the Way You’re Doing it Now Totally Wrong?

Chances are, the way you’ve been trying to improve your speaking skills has been doing more harm than good. You’ve always heard you’ve got to have good diction, right? But most people end up over-articulating as a result. The other downside is you end up sounding like a robot. Making all of your syllables the same length. So how can

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how to cure stage fright

3 Quick Tricks to Cure Stage Fright

Are you afraid of public speaking? C’mon, you can admit it. You’re not alone. Studies show that people are more fearful of speaking in public than flying, going bankrupt, or even dying. There are few things in life that cause more anxiety than public speaking. From the moment you hear your name called by the event organizer, and you become

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