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how to become a paid speaker

How to Become a Paid Speaker–An Insider’s Guide from the Experts

I’ve been training people to speak successfully for many years, and one thing I know is this: public speaking brings you success and tells the world that you’ve arrived. The world needs to hear your message, and you need to be successful! This is an introduction to a series of posts revealing the insider’s secrets for you to become a paid public

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how to nail your interview

How to Nail Your Job Interview & Land Your Dream Job

Job interviews. They’re a necessary evil, yes? We need the job; this is part of the process of getting it. It’s crazy scary because everything depends on this conversation with strangers who will decide your life. The stakes are high. You  need to nail your job interview. This is so important that we need to be completely prepared. One of

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how to improve the sound of your voice

How to Improve the Sound of Your Voice

Why do we hate the sound of our speaking voices when we hear them on a recorder? How is it that we’re so shocked at what we hear when we listen to ourselves for the first time? Why do we avoid listening to ourselves whenever possible? We’ve been listening to that smooth, resonant voices in our heads our whole lives. It’s

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how to make your voice gorgeous

Hate the Sound of Your Voice? Here’s How to Make it Gorgeous!

Do you cringe when you hear your voice on a recording? Do you avoid listening to it at all costs? What does your voice sound like? Is it squeaky and thin? Have you ever said, “I hate my voice?” The sound of your voice impacts every relationship and conversation you’ll ever have. And it’s not a permanent characteristic! The vast

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Voice Improvement will take you far

Is Your Voice Good Enough for National TV?

It’s what I do, day in and day out. I help people have incredible communication skills And a very big part of that is our peaking voices. Most people don’t know that they can improve their speaking voices. But you can. You can make your voice so magnetic and authoritative, yet warm. The impact improving your speaking voice has on

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eliminate filler words

5 Steps to Eliminating Filler Words Forever

It’s no secret that the excessive use of filler words makes you seem less intelligent than you are. Filler words are meaningless words that show hesitation and confuse your listener. Sometimes it’s so egregious that people can only listen to a speaker’s filler words. Filler words seriously undermine your authority and credibility. To be taken more seriously & to get people

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how to make presentations interesting

Your Presentation is Boring

An amazing client of mine sent me an e-mail the other day while she was at a conference. “Ugh! These speakers are so boring!” I hear this a whole lot. Speakers have a hard time maintaining the audience’s attention, let alone getting them to follow their call to action. One is dependant on the other. You must keep their attention before

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4 definitive techniques to making small talk

4 Definitive Techniques to Making Small Talk

Are you hating on small talk? Or, gasp! avoiding it? You know those engaging folks who can meet someone for the first time and end up getting digits or business cards? They can make merry conversation with just about anyone while waiting for the meeting to start? They always seem to articulate their thoughts in the most profound and concise

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how to make chit-chat

3 Things That Make Chit-Chat Oh So Awkward

How many times have you met someone, had a bit of small talk for 2 awkward minutes & moved on never to speak with that person again? Every person you ever meet isn’t going to be your friend but we do need to actively build new relationships. We’re social animals and need to have relationships with people. We need to start conversations with people for

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