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how to slow down your speech

How to Slow Down Your Speech

Do you speak a mile a minute? Do people tell you you talk too fast? Are people advising you to slow down? Do you ever get the glaze over? There are people out there who speak so beautifully. Their pace seems perfect. They’re engaging and charismatic. But here you are, Speedy Gonzales, confusing people left & right. As I am

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how to stop upspeak

How to Stop UpSpeak

Upspeak or uptalk (2 terms for the same thing) are getting lots of press lately. Some people are being “criticized” for using it. Some people are feeling discriminated against for being criticized for using upspeak. Either way, if you want to be perceived as a confident, believable person, you’ll want to learn how to stop upspeak. Because upspeak is when

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why do I get nervous when I talk

Why Do I Get Nervous When I Talk?

Ever find yourself chatting away with your close friend, telling her how great you’re doing on a work project? And she says, “Wow, you’re a genius! That firm is so lucky to have you!” Then the next day, your boss pokes her head into your office and asks how you’re doing on that very same project? Does it come out

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how to network

How to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work

What is the most critical skill you can have to get ahead at work? Hands down, it’s your communication skills. Your communication skills impact everything you do at work. How many times have you told your idea in a meeting, and no one seemed to understand? Then Janet down the end there said the same thing and gets praise? Have

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how to answer difficult questions like a genius

How to Answer Difficult Questions Like a Genius

As we strive for tremendous success in our lives, we will often find ourselves on the receiving end of tough questions.  They can come unexpectedly, and we often need to think on our feet. For instance, When people call you out of the blue and demand answers. Or when you’re in an interview, and you get hit with a question

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what to say to a grieving person

What Not to Say to a Grieving Person

I lost my dad in 2017. September 29, 2017. It was a hellish time for me and my family. I got a text from my brother John. “We’ve got dad in an ambulance. Think he’s had a stroke.” So I flew to Chicagoland. Went to the hospital everyday. We all took turns sleeping there. Just waiting for him to wake up. Some

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the 1 thing marketers are still doing wrong

The 1 Thing Marketers Are Still Doing Wrong

Everybody makes mistakes! Even me! But today I’d like to tell you specifically about marketers’ mistakes. To some degree, we are all in marketing & sales. We all need people to hear us & to follow our call to action. Marketers’ Mistakes This marketing person was badgering me, so I finally took her call. She took the time out to

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how to not be nervous before a presentation

How to Not Be Nervous Before a Presentation

Guess what? It’s completely normal to be nervous before a speech. Actually, it’s genetics! We are genetically programmed to be fearful of strangers & groups of people. Not so long ago, the chance of strangers trying to do you some harm was very likely. We hung out in tribes. Other tribes were competition. Yeah. So fight or flight is the

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get paid to speak publicly

Get Paid to Speak Publicly-Tips from the Experts

You want to start public speaking but don’t know where to start? We got you covered! Start by thinking about your strengths and weaknesses. What you want to highlight and what you need to improve. Can you very easily articulate your thoughts into words? Are you concise and get people to like you immediately? If the answer is no, don’t

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