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what to say to a grieving person

What Not to Say to a Grieving Person

I lost my dad in 2017. September 29, 2017. It was a hellish time for me and my family. I got a text from my brother John. “We’ve got dad in an ambulance. Think he’s had a stroke.” So I flew to Chicagoland. Went to the hospital everyday. We all took turns sleeping there. Just waiting for him to wake up. Some

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the 1 thing marketers are still doing wrong

The 1 Thing Marketers Are Still Doing Wrong

Everybody makes mistakes! Even me! But today I’d like to tell you specifically about marketers’ mistakes. To some degree, we are all in marketing & sales. We all need people to hear us & to follow our call to action. Marketers’ Mistakes This marketing person was badgering me, so I finally took her call. She took the time out to

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how to not be nervous before a presentation

How to Not Be Nervous Before a Presentation

Guess what? It’s completely normal to be nervous before a speech. Actually, it’s genetics! We are genetically programmed to be fearful of strangers & groups of people. Not so long ago, the chance of strangers trying to do you some harm was very likely. We hung out in tribes. Other tribes were competition. Yeah. So fight or flight is the

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get paid to speak publicly

Get Paid to Speak Publicly-Tips from the Experts

People are out there speaking publicly. They get paid to speak & it’s aiding their careers massively.  We may as well learn from their successes & failures, right? How do public speakers get started? How do they catapult their speaking careers? How can you get paid to speak? The following are the stories of 3 well-known & sought after public speakers:

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how to become a paid speaker

How to Become a Paid Speaker–An Insider’s Guide from the Experts

I’ve been training people to speak successfully for many years, and one thing I know is this: public speaking brings you success and tells the world that you’ve arrived. The world needs to hear your message, and you need to be successful! This is an introduction to a series of posts revealing the insider’s secrets for you to become a paid public

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how to nail your interview

How to Nail Your Job Interview & Land Your Dream Job

Job interviews. They’re a necessary evil, yes? We need the job; this is part of the process of getting it. It’s crazy scary because everything depends on this conversation with strangers who will decide your life. The stakes are high. You  need to nail your job interview. This is so important that we need to be completely prepared. One of

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how to improve the sound of your voice

How to Improve the Sound of Your Voice

Why do we hate the sound of our voices when we hear them on a recorder? How is it that we’re so shocked at what we hear when we listen to ourselves for the first time? Why do we avoid listening to ourselves whenever possible? Here I’ll tell you why you hate your voice & how to improve the sound of

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how to make your voice gorgeous

Hate the Sound of Your Voice? Here’s How to Make it Gorgeous!

Do you cringe when you hear your voice on a recording? Do you avoid listening to it at all costs? What does your voice sound like? Is it squeaky and thin? Have you ever said, “I hate my voice?” The sound of your voice impacts every relationship and conversation you’ll ever have. And it’s not a permanent characteristic! The vast

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Voice Improvement will take you far

Is Your Voice Good Enough for National TV?

My clients go on to do awesome things! Many of my clients are asked to be the voice-over for their firms’ video marketing. Even though they’re marketers & CEOs & lawyers, they end up doing commercials! It’s crazy amazing. You’re not stuck with the voice you hear on the recorder! The way your voice sounds impacts the way people perceive

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