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american accent - pronounce the TH sound

American Accent–Pronouncing the Dreaded TH

Have you been struggling with how to pronounce the th sound? Ask any American how to pronounce the /th/ sounds (yes, there are 2 of them) and they’ll tell you to put your tongue between your upper & lower front teeth. Even speech professionals are out there telling you to do this. In the Google results of “How to Pronounce

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american accent - are you making these 3 common pronunciation mistakes?

American Accent–Are You Making These 3 Common Pronunciation Mistakes?

Some American-English sounds are challenging for speakers who don’t call English their first language. Do you want to know why? Did you ever wonder why it’s so hard to use an American accent when using English as a 2nd or 3rd language? Because each of English’s 26 letters doesn’t represent only 1 sound in Standard American English. Let me explain:

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how to be a persuasive speaker

Persuasive Speaking: How to Nail it When You Need it Most

Can you speak persuasively when you need it most? So you’re awesome at telling your friends your great idea, but when it comes to speaking persuasively to your team & your boss, it doesn’t come out quite as mellifluously, does it? Not exactly the oration it sounded like in your head, is it? You’re great at telling your mom or

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how to improve your diction

It’s Not About the Oxford Comma

When people first contact me they often say, “I’d like to learn how to improve my diction.” They want to learn to pronounce their speech better. (Spoiler alert: The answer isn’t in over-articulation.) The first question I ask is, “Why?” They invariably tell me that they want people to listen to them, really hear them. I get that. We need

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Who Gives a F*** about an Oxford Comma?

Credit to Vampire Weekend for their song with the same line. And the same concept. It sounds like they’re saying that people who are more concerned about diction than their relationships may just be doing it wrong. People are very concerned about their speech. They want to sound precise and articulate. They want to improve their diction and elocution because

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how to tell a great story

Storytelling: How to Get People to Follow You

Storytelling Is Paramount We all know this. We are constantly reminded that to get the job done, give a good presentation, and really get your message across; we need to be great at storytelling. A great story makes your listener feel like they were there with you. A great story makes the listener draw a picture in their mind. A picture that works for

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how to sound amazing

Sound Amazing in a Brave New World

This ain’t your grandpa’s world folks. This is you in a world where you’re constantly proving yourself. There’s tremendous competition. Lots of talented folks that you have to contend with for jobs, projects, and gigs. If you want to get ahead & stay ahead you need to communicate your message clearly, effectively & persuasively. You need to get people to

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how to master elevator pitch

5 Steps to the Perfect Elevator Pitch

What is the most common question you’re asked when you meet someone new? Is it: A)  How did you become so amazing? B)  Can I draw on your hat? C)  What do you do? I bet you passed the quiz! For some reason, every person we meet wants to know what we do. And if you’re in need of a

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