How to Sound Like Morgan Freeman

How to Sound Like Morgan Freeman–In 4 Steps

“I learned in school that most people speak in a higher register than normal because of tension. So the trick is to relieve the tension.”

–Morgan Freeman

He’s right, you know. Most people use a much higher and tinnier sound than they were designed to do. It’s because we hold a great deal of physiological tension in our throats. It comes from daily stressors and, unfortunately, builds up over time. 

Morgan Freeman’s cure is to start yawning. “Yawn a lot,” he says. 

Yawning is one of the techniques that I do with my Speaking Voice students. Yawning is your body’s natural way of eliminating tension from the vocal mechanism. But that’s Morgan Freeman. Most people need a bit more in the relaxation department.

Why You Need to Sound Like Morgan Freeman

There have been many studies done that indicate that speaking with a lower voice correlates directly with a person’s success. Remember that the voice you hear in your head is much lower in pitch than the one that others hear. That’s because you hear your voice through bone conduction, and others hear your voice through air conduction. The molecules in solids are more tightly packed than those in air, so the voice sounds thicker and more resonant.

You don’t necessarily have to have a voice that’s much lower in pitch, but you need to have one that has a fuller resonance. Most people have a hard time distinguishing between the two. A full, resonant voice is one that comes from a very relaxed vocal mechanism.

Please have no fear that eliminating tension from your vocal mechanism is a challenging task. It is not! Not only will it merely take about 6 minutes per day, but it will soon make you feel relaxed mentally as well as physically. You’ll get clarity and calmness. Nervousness during public speaking situations will dissipate. You’ll be in control of what comes out of your mouth. The ultimate comeback will be available to you in the moment, instead of three days later. 🙂

How Not to Sound Like Morgan Freeman

Use a tight, tinny voice. Thin voices don’t travel well, and they don’t get respect. So we’ve got significant hurdles to overcome when people don’t hear our message easily and can’t automatically label us as authoritative and credible. We have to work much harder to persuade our team to love our ideas.

How to Sound Like Morgan Freeman

  1. Eliminate tension from your vocal mechanism. You can do this by yawning and doing relaxation exercises.
  2. Use abdominal breathing. Practice abdominal breathing for increasing increments of time.
  3. Use air for speech. Remember, voice is air molecules that vibrate.
  4. Don’t speak “in your throat.” Keep your throat open while your voice resonates through it. Instead, allow the air to reverberate throughout your entire vocal tract–from your lungs to your mouth and beyond.
How to Sound Like Morgan Freeman

So yes, if you want to get ahead in this world, you need to improve the way you are perceived. Make it easy for people to consider you an authority when you’re in your wheelhouse. You merely have physiological tension preventing you from using your true voice. Morgan Freeman knows it, and now so do you. 🙂

Take this online video course, and you will have a full, resonant, and gorgeous voice, just like Mr. Freeman!

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  1. Everything I read and watch on the internet about improving my voice is the opposite of this. Why does no one know about this? I mean, except for Morgan Freeman 🙂

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