You're not Stuck with the Voice You Have-You Can Make it TV Worthy! Voice Improvement

My clients go on to do awesome things! Many of my clients are asked to be the voiceover for their firms’ video marketing. Even though they’re marketers & CEOs & lawyers they end up doing commercials! It’s crazy amazing. You’re not stuck with the voice you hear on the recorder! The way your voice sounds impacts the way people perceive you. You voice can negatively impact just how well people understand you.

Voice Improvement is Easy and Healthy

Just a few easy changes can give you a powerful, magnetic & persuasive voice.

Here’s an email I just received from an amazing client:


I just finished a job as an English emcee/interpreter for the grand opening of National Taichung Theater, AND they asked me to record the English pre-show announcements (turn off your devices and what not) for the whole theater. People kept saying how wonderful I sounded. And I have YOU to thank for all of this!!

The Pavlov’s dog exercises are amazing for jitters, I could even do the jaw tensing on stage with the camera on me during commercial breaks. Oh yeah, this was on live television all over Taiwan.
Love to see that when I open my inbox!

Sound Amazing & Be Confident

We get rid of the tension in your throat & give you a gorgeous voice. It’s your true voice. Most people get it done in about 4 sessions! 🙂 As a result, you’ll be more confident to go out & do the things that scare you.
We teach you to be calm cool & collected even when you’re on national television 🙂
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Voice Improvement

Here’s how it goes: You click the above link. We set you up for a consultation with me. You & I meet on Skype. I listen to you, beat you up (with lots of love) and tell you what it’s going to take to achieve your goals. The results? You as a powerful, magnetic & persuasive communicator in all areas of your life!

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  • Nice work! It’s such a good feeling to hear from clients who are in the real world, using what they worked on with us. Voice work has always interested me. What are your favorite resources? I like Barone’s “Your Voice is Your Business”.

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