Eliminate Filler Words From Your Life Forever in 5 Steps

5 Steps to Eliminating Filler Words Forever

eliminate filler words

It’s no secret that the excessive use of filler words makes you seem less intelligent than you are. Filler words are apparently meaningless words that show hesitation. To be taken more seriously & to get people to follow our lead we need to eliminate filler words from our speech. Or at least significantly reduce them. 🙂

If you look at the various speaking situations in your life, for example: meetings, introductions, small talk at the water cooler, giving presentations and put them in order in terms of stakes. Put the low stakes on the bottom & high stakes situations on top.

We use more filler words in those speaking situations with the higher stakes. #fillerwords #Ironic Click To Tweet

If you’re being honest with yourself you’ll see that you use more filler words in the higher stakes speaking situations. How unfortunate & ironic is that? When we most need to be at our best we perform at our worst.

But have no fear, I am here! I’m going to show you an easy way to eliminate filler words from your life.

Speaking Training

As with everything I teach you, you’ll need to put in a little practice but you’ll be filler word free in just a couple of days or weeks. Think of your communication skills training as something that’s going to earn you more income. (Warren Buffet says speaking training is worth half a million dollars.)

But you can also equate your speaking training (in this case eliminating filler words) with any other training that you do. Do you have a tennis pro or a golf pro? Are you constantly trying to improve your swing? Do you play an instrument and understand the importance of practice? Well the same goes here.

Amazing communication skills will get you far in life. Being a crystal clear & highly refined communicator makes people trust you & buy whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

Eliminate Filler Words

Filler words, using “um”s, “uh”s, “you know”s and the like are NOT the way to appear credible and be persuasive! It’s not hard to eliminate filler words from your life, but it is going to take a bit of determination.

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eliminate filler words

Here’s how to do it:  Take a breath in before you speak, then use the

air that you breathe out for your speech.  When you are done with your phrase or sentence, STOP, take a breath in and use that air for your next phrase or sentence. This just takes a bit of practice but results in your sounding credible & persuasive!


Doing this essentially causes you to Replace Filler Words with Pauses. This, by the way, is the correct way to speak 🙂

Step 1.  Hit the record button on your voice recorder app. Don’t be scared! You can do this!
Step 2.  Take a breath in (all the way down to your stomach.)
Step 3.  Using the air that comes out on your exhale say a short sentence.
Step 4.  Stop.  Breathe into your stomach again.
Step 5.  On your exhalation say another short sentence.

Practice this for 5 minutes every day for 10 days.  You are practicing replacing filler words with pauses and a breath in.


Eliminate Filler Words! Replace them with pauses!

Eliminate Filler Words From All Areas of Your Life!

Ok, now you know how to eliminate filler words from your speech but how to do make it a habit in your life?

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Keep in mind that unlearning old habits & learning new ones requires a bit of exaggeration. So don’t be afraid to use long pauses & loads of air while you’re speaking. And you have to sound a little crazy in your head. That’s the point of using the recorder. Because even though it sounds weird in your head, you’ll play it back on the recorder & it’ll sound amazing! After a while you’ll find your new normal–filler word free!

Speech is air molecules that vibrate. Allow your voice to take a ride on the air that you exhale. Click To Tweet

Categorize Your Speaking Life

Now choose 3 categories in your life where you want to eliminate your filler words. Do you use fillers in meetings more than with friends? Do you want to be filler-free during talks with your boss? How about when giving your elevator pitch? Chatting up a cutie pie on a first date? Just work on 1 speaking category at a time. Take each communicative situation and stack ’em in order of stakes like we did earlier.

Start with the easiest speaking situations & follow those 5 steps above. Once you master that communicative situation, move on to the next important situation. This is not brain surgery it just takes determination on your part.

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Write down some things that you might say during your chosen categories & apply the 5 steps. Don’t worry–you won’t have to memorize everything you’re ever going to say. Just do it for about a week. Each time you do it you’ll get better in your spontaneous speech. After a few of these exercises you’ll start to see this technique seeping into your everyday speech.  🙂

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Happy filler-word free life!

What do you think? How do you get rid of your fillers? When do you use them most? Which fillers do you use most? All commenters get a secret prize!


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