5 Steps to Eliminating Filler Words Forever

It’s no secret that the excessive use of filler words makes you seem less intelligent than you are. Filler words are apparently meaningless words that show hesitation. To be taken more seriously & to get people to follow our lead, we need to eliminate filler words from our speech. Or at least significantly reduce them. 🙂 If you look at …

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How to make presentations interesting

Your Presentation is Boring

An amazing client of mine sent me an e-mail the other day while she was at a conference. “Ugh! These speakers are so boring!” I hear this a whole lot. Speakers have a hard time maintaining the audience’s attention let alone getting them to follow their call to action. Did you ever go to a presentation so excited about the topic …

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Making Small Talk

4 Definitive Techniques to Making Small Talk

Ever since my late teens, I’ve enjoyed having complex, laugh-out-loud conversations with people, whether we’re in line at the deli, sitting together at the bar, or just standing at a “don’t walk” sign. Cab drivers, ticket vendors, airline agents were also not out of my cross hairs. I love making small talk. Most of the time, I come away from …

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Sound Amazing in a Brave New World

This ain’t your grandpa’s world folks. This is you in a world where you’re constantly proving yourself. There’s tremendous competition. If you want to get ahead & stay ahead you need to communicate your message clearly, effectively & persuasively. You need to get people to follow your call-to-action. To do so you have to sound amazing. And you can! What’s …

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How to Speak Better: 3 Critical Steps

They are the number 1 requirement on nearly every job description. They become more & more critical as we climb the ladder within our firms. How are your communication skills? Be honest with yourself. Are you concise & convincing or do you ramble on? Do people love your ideas & act on them immediately or are you misunderstood or (God-forbid!) …

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Find your true voice

Find Your True Voice

You’re probably really good at what you do, but maybe everyone doesn’t know the full extent of it. When you find your true voice, you can get your message out there when it matters most. Scroll down to the Find Your True Voice section if you want to skip the background & go straight to the techniques. Art of Speaking …

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