Sound Amazing in a Brave New World

Persuasive SpeakingThis ain’t your grandpa’s world folks. This is you in a world where you’re constantly proving yourself. There’s tremendous competition. If you want to get ahead & stay ahead you need to communicate your message clearly, effectively & persuasively. You need to get people to follow your call-to-action. To do so you have to sound amazing. And you can!

What’s Making You Not Sound Amazing?

sound amazing on stage-770x445Chances are you’re not blowing them away with your communication skills. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that only very recently have we been confronted with more anxiety ridden situations than at any time in our history. By far. And you know that our brains haven’t caught up.

Here’s an example:  How many times have you walked away from a situation and realized that you were well-equipped to deal with it but for some reason it didn’t come out right? You walk away, smack your forehead & say, “I know what I should’ve said!” There’s no surprise there. Our brains go into a version of “fight or flight” when we get nervous. Being interviewed on a podcast. Interviewing others on a podcast. Going on a job interview or giving a presentation. These are all situations where we probably don’t perform as well as we can. This is not something we can continue to tolerate. Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

How to Sound Amazing

Just know that you can sound amazing. It’s much easier than you think.  It’s super easy, actually. The problem is most people think speaking better is going to be hard & they put a lot of effort into it. The truth is you must do the exact opposite! You have to be completely relaxed & use no effort.

sound amazingStop over-articulating!

I can hear you over there! Using choppy speech with too many popped consonants! Solution:  Divide your speech into breath groups–or units of meaning and glue all of the sounds together without the awful chop!

Use a varied intonation pattern.

Choose the words that are most important for your listener to hear and make them longer in duration and louder in volume. Take the other words, the “grammar glue” and make them shorter & quieter. Grammar glue are your articles (the, a), prepositions, pronouns, etc. Use contractions whenever possible. I know it’s counter-intuitive but it results in people understanding your message much better.

Let me explain:  When people are listening to you their brains are looking for the most important information that you’re putting out there. When each syllable is the same length & volume their brains are working too hard to process your message. So make it easy for them to process your message and as a result follow your call-to-action!

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Practice the easy stuff first.

You can’t obtain new skills & then apply them to all areas of your life at once. Pick your battles & improve them first. Once you master the easy levels you have a rung on your ladder on which to stand. Then it makes it easier to master the not-so easy speaking situations.

We’re here to help you sound amazing. A small amount of your resources will give you a huge return on your investment. You’ll be smooth, charming, confident. This results in your getting what you need out of life.

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