how to speak with an american accent

How to Speak with an American Accent

You’ve got a mastery of American English grammar and writing. You understand the language. But what the heck is the deal with the American accent?  I’ll tell you: English is spelled wrong. Why are there five vowel letters and 16 vowel sounds? How are you to know what sound to produce? Why is the letter O in “computer” pronounced like

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How to be yourself

How to Be Yourself

How many times have you mentioned that you were nervous about a job interview or a presentation and your well-meaning friend says, “Just be yourself!” That’s so sweet that they think highly enough of you to recommend that you be the person you are with them. But the advice doesn’t work. So thanks anyway. I can’t be myself when I’m

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how to speak with authority

How to Speak with Authority-7 Steps to Being Authoritative

Speaking with authority is necessary when you’re in your wheelhouse, both in your role at work and in your personal life. If you are communicating your message, it needs to come out with authority and confidence. Being an authoritative speaker is how we get hired for jobs and get people to follow our call to action. Yet almost nowhere in

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how to report to the ceo like a genius

How to Report to the CEO Like a Genius

You made it! You’ve had a successful career, and now you report to the CEO! There have been ups & downs and plenty of challenges, but you’ve worked hard, and here you are. Reporting to the CEO. But somehow, the CEO doesn’t understand everything you tell him. And he wants you to talk faster and get to the point, making it

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how to deliver bad news

How to Deliver Bad News–10 Steps to Being the Hero

Delivering bad news can be quite challenging because we don’t want to hurt people, and we can be fearful of an explosive reaction. That fear tends to build up until the whole concept of delivering awful news becomes petrifying. We avoid it at all costs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. From canceling on a friend to terminating

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how to speak up in meetings

How to Speak Up in Meetings–9 Systematic Steps

It’s happened to you, hasn’t it? You’re in a meeting, with brilliant ideas floating around your mind, and they don’t come out. Maybe you didn’t say anything at all. Or perhaps you did, and it didn’t come out the way it sounded in your head. I want to make this clear straight away. The process of drawing conclusions in your

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How to Be More Concise When Speaking-5 Actionable Steps

Have you ever listened to someone speak and have no clue what they are trying to say? Worse, have you ever tried to tell your colleague an idea or your friend a funny thing that happened to you and have their eyes glaze over? The way we convey our message is critical. And part of that is learning to be

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How Do I Stop Talking So Fast And Other Bad Speaking Habits

“I hated the sound of my voice. It was timid and sing-songy. It was causing me to be interrupted, presenting at work. It used to take me as many as ten tries to record a voice-mail message. When I listened to myself, it didn’t sound intelligent. I looked forever for help and never found it until I started working with

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How to Rock Your Virtual Meetings-15 Tips to Being the Superstar

I used to think of meetings as an 85% waste of time. But now they’re imperative. We can’t just pop into someone’s office to ask a few questions. We aren’t able to bump into a teammate in the hallway and give an impromptu report. Now virtual meetings are necessary. Let’s make them productive too. Here are some tips to make

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3 Unbelievably Easy Steps to Sounding Smart

Excellent communication skills are on the description of nearly every job post. And according to the Harvard Business Review, you always come across smarter if you use your voice instead of writing. Who would’ve thought that? We most often think of ourselves as more formal and coming across as more intelligent when we write than when we speak!  How To Speak Better

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how to sound like morgan freeman

How to Sound Like Morgan Freeman–In 4 Steps

“I learned in school that most people speak in a higher register than normal because of tension. So the trick is to relieve the tension.” –Morgan Freeman He’s right, you know. Most people use a much higher and tinnier sound than they were designed to do. It’s because we hold a great deal of physiological tension in our throats. It

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