How to Be an Excellent Communicator

How to Be an Excellent Communicator

Did you know that they used to teach children communication skills up until about 200 years ago? Yup. It was a priority.

Children learned to make their case, the art of conversation (small talk), how to introduce themselves and others, and much more. 

Ever wonder why you have a hard time giving a presentation? Why sometimes you draw a blank, even though you know the material inside and out?

It’s not your fault! You didn’t learn it in school!

Where are your communication skills right now?

Where are you right now in your life? 

Are you sought-after by firms & management? Are people offering you jobs after they hear you speak?

If you haven’t learned the techniques necessary to be an excellent communicator, that’s probably not the case.

Learning to translate your thoughts into words takes training. You’ve got to learn the techniques.

Learning to be a crystal clear, magnetic communicator with executive presence takes training. 

How to Have Excellent Communication Skills.

Once you learn and practice the following techniques, you’ll be sought-after for jobs & gigs. 

    1. Defeat fight or flight with relaxation exercises.
    2.  Treat each meeting like “opening night,” rehearse in advance (until you don’t have to anymore).
    3. Practice until you don’t have to practice anymore.
    4. Record yourself and self-assess for the right techniques. 
    5. Keep your throat open and let your voice ride the air.
    6. Get others talking by telling short, human-interest stories about yourself. (small talk is a great relationship developer when you do it right)
    7. Use a kind, warm & magnetic voice.
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9 Secret Steps to Influencing Others

Want to be more influential? We all want to communicate our most important messages in a way that encourages others to take action. Whether that action is voting for our candidate or picking up milk from the store, the words we use and how we speak play a huge role in getting the job done.

Excellent Communicators are Relaxed

Dudes. Every normal human gets stressed out when they have to present in front of an audience, go on a job interview or first date, or any number of high-stakes situations.

Why? Because our bodies go into Fight-or-Flight when we get nervous. FoF closes up your throat making you feel choked up, and it shuts down your access to your pre-frontal cortex. That’s your file cabinet, btw. All your knowledge is stored there. That’s why sometimes you draw a blank even when you know-your-stuff.

If you’re serious about becoming completely relaxed even when you’re being interviewed on Good Morning America you should take The Voice Spa right now. Do not pass go. Then practice those relaxation exercises 3x per day for about 3 weeks. You will be able to relax every time you take a breath. Without thinking about it. Your life will change.

To Be an Excellent Communicator as a Habit in Your Life You Need to Practice the Techniques Now.

No one is excellent at anything they didn’t learn and practice. Even Beethoven had a music tutor until the end of his life. How in the world could you be an excellent communicator if you don’t learn the techniques and practice them?

Ponder this: Communicating is the hardest thing humans do. It requires the translation of ideas into words, breathing, articulation, grammar, intonation, rhythm; the list goes on! Add emotions & high stakes, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Each and every one of my clients think they’re the only ones who struggle to get their message across in meetings or even to speak clearly in high-stakes situations. People wonder why they can present their idea to blank faces, then when Joe over there says the same thing, everyone loves it! Now how did Joe go an communicate the idea so well? He probably took The Voice Spa!

The Second Best Time to Work on Your Communication Skills is Now.

The best time was 3 months ago. Because that’s about how long it takes to be a sought-after, magnetic communicator. 

After 3 sessions with me, my clients are better than 85% of their colleagues. After a few more sessions they blow everyone away.

Eliminate Your Fear of Recording Yourself

Seriously, people, it’s getting old. You deserve to be an incredible communicator. Your bank account deserves it; your family deserves it. 

Record yourself saying what you need to say at tomorrow’s meeting. I like for the first production to be awful. 

The first thing you do is edit for content. Did I use more words than are necessary? Let me take this out and add this in. Just like you would a written presentation. You don’t just write something really fast and hand it in! You take time and think it through.

Secondly, write it down better. Write down a concise version. Then practice saying it while your voice “takes a ride on the air.” Record & listen to that version. You’ll feel weird  but when you hear it you’ll hear how incredibly gorgeous your voice is.

Excellent Communicators Start Here

Follow these techniques and the ones outlined in the linked articles and you should get a good handle on how to be a better communicator.

When you’re serious and want help, just reach out to us, and we’ll custom-design a program that suits your needs. And makes you a better communicator than you can ever dream to be.

Here’s a picture of you after you take my class:

You’re in a meeting, and everyone turns to you and says, 

"What do you think?"

And they look at you and patiently wait for your brilliant answer.  Which you are well able to provide them with.

After you speak almost anywhere, people want to hire you and be your friend!


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