Why You Need a Communication Skills Coach

Do you ever find yourself with good (or even brilliant!) ideas that you want to share, but when you try to articulate them, your message doesn’t come out as mellifluously as you imagined?

Did you ever finish your presentation, sit down & later realize you forgot an important concept you wanted to deliver?

Have you ever drawn a blank, had no idea what to say during a meeting, or when asked a tricky question and then realized exactly what you should’ve said?

How about this: Have you presented your idea in a meeting to blank faces, then Marco says the exact same thing and gets all the credit?

The list of communication mishaps is nearly unending.

That’s why you need a communication skills coach.

Warren Buffet said a couple of decades ago that improving your communication skills is worth half a million dollars. How much is half a million dollars worth now?

Don't feel bad that you want to work with a speech coach. Feel proud.

Nobody was born a perfect communicator. Everyone you know, or know of, who’s an excellent communicator has worked on their skills. They may even have come to me. 🙂

Everything you’re good at, you learned somewhere, and you’ve practiced. You are probably still learning & practicing. Why would you neglect something as valuable as your communication skills?

Barack Obama had a speech coach.

He still does. Every president ever has had a speech coach.

So you may consider it a stigma but it’s really a career success secret that people aren’t sharing with you.

Speaker coaches are a career success secret that people aren’t sharing with you.

When you hire a communication skills coach, you become a crystal clear, magnetic, powerful yet warm communicator. (Or, at least if you hire me.)

They used to teach rhetoric and the art of conversation in school. 

In whose best interest is it that you become an extraordinary communicator? Yours. 

Learning to be warm, engaging, and persuasive is in your best interest. And your family and even your firm. You are the folks who benefit from hiring a communication skills coach.

What is a communication skills coach?

Good question, thanks for asking.

I listen to you speak and teach you to refine your message, so it’s concise and powerful. I teach you to be super comfortable in all situations—even the scary ones. I teach you to use a voice that’s gorgeous and compelling.

The cool thing is I teach this all to you in a habitual way. These fantastic skills become a learned behavior. They become your new normal.
Here in this article I’m using “communication skills coach,” “speaker coach,” and “speech coach” interchangeably. But I work with you on what you say and how you say it.

But I'd rather just feel embarrassed that I'm not a great speaker than address it!

Why are you not the most perfect communicator? Why do you sometimes make mistakes? Draw a blank? Make terrible small talk? Avoid delivering bad news? Use way too many words? Not explain yourself as well as you’d like?

Three reasons:

  1. In the moments that matter, your body goes into fight or flight.
  2. They didn’t teach you communication skills in school.
  3. For some crazy reason, you think you should be an excellent communicator without any training at all.

Is there anything you’re good at that you haven’t learned and practiced?

If you have messages you'd like to share but are not coming out powerfully and authentically you need a speech coach.

title/keyword: how to get your message across well & concisely

You need a speech coach if you have a little trouble being concise. Or if you have difficulty influencing others to see your way.

Almost all my clients are mid to high-level executives. They are getting ahead in this world; don’t let them leave you behind.

After speaker training, you become sought-after.

This is the case for most of my clients, but Ramesh comes to mind. He was the CFO of a Fortune 500 firm. He wasn’t getting along with the CEO because of his communication skills.

We did a bit of roleplaying and discovered that Ramesh was providing his CEO with too much detailed information. He was talking too much about the hows and the whys instead of giving his boss the bottom line.

Once he learned how to provide the correct information to the CEO their relationship improved, and they became friends.

Then there was Mikako, unhappy in her role as CIO for a medum-sized firm. She reached out because she wanted help with an upcoming talk and interview training. We worked on her talk first, she gave it, and people offered her jobs!

Why you need a communication skills coach.

To help you succeed in your personal and professional lives. That’s why. You’re losing out on profits if you don’t learn to speak well.

You’ll learn to refine your message so it’s powerful, credible, and warm.

The best part is you’ll learn it as a habit in your life. So you’ll only need to take classes for a few weeks or months and the incredible changes will be permanent.

Have you ever hired a speech coach?

Please don’t go to someone who wants you to put marbles in your mouth or continually repeat tongue twisters. Those silly outdated techniques won’t change your skills or create new habits.

I’d love to hear about your experiences! What have you done to improve your speech?

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