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what's your verbal brand

What’s Your Verbal Brand?

How does your voice sound, and what words do you choose? Are you crystal clear & magnetic? Branding is ultra important for your firm as well as for you personally. But what’s your voice and speaking style saying about you? It’s putting out messages that may not represent you. Your voice & your speech are a massive part of your brand.

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find your true voice

Find Your True Voice

You’re probably really good at what you do, but maybe everyone doesn’t know the full extent of it. When you find your true voice, you can get your message out there when it matters most. Scroll down to the Find Your True Voice section if you want to skip the background & go straight to the techniques. 4 Definitive Techniques

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get rid of your accent

The Ultimate Trick to Getting Rid of Your Accent

For 20 years, I’ve been giving people completely Standard American English accents in a relatively short time. (Usually less than 10 sessions.)  For some reason, I’m still reading articles claiming that you can’t get rid of your accent unless you’re very young. FYI, my oldest client was 82! He got rid of all traces of his accent! You just have

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accent reduction with ita olsen

Accent Reduction is Just a Keyword

I notice on my social media accounts that occasionally people become offended when they hear the words, “Accent Reduction” or “Obtain an American Accent.”  I get that.  I don’t want people to blend in.  People shouldn’t all be the same.  That’s what “accent reduction” implies, right? You can speak with an American accent and not sound like everyone else! Get

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why we speak

Why We Speak

Why do we speak? Why did humans develop communication skills, to begin with?  In general, we talk because we need something. We need our basic needs met; we need to survive in life. And today, that means succeeding in our workplaces. What do we need at work? We need people to think we’re smart. We need people to believe that

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public speaking tips from convey

The #1 Reason You Suck at Public Speaking

It’s a fear worse than dying! The things that happen are awful–drawing a blank, sweating, shaky knees, embarrassment, to name a few! The things we imagine happening are worse. Why does this happen? What’s the #1 reason you suck at public speaking?   How To Speak Better Evolution Isn’t Done Yet. The reason you suck at public speaking is evolution.

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obtain an american accent

Obtaining an American Accent is Not What You Think

Yes, you can get rid of your accent & obtain a standard American accent. The debate as to whether you can obtain an American accent is over.  It’s easy. But you’re probably doing it wrong. Have no fear! We’ll straighten this right up 🙂 How to Obtain an American Accent Don’t over-articulate. Contrary to popular belief, don’t move your face and

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is how you speak your identity?

Is How You Speak Your Identity?

I was interviewed by Ashley Milne-Tyte at  Ashley is a former NPR journalist who’s set out on her own. A really huge topic on NPR is women’s voices.  People are discussing whether a woman has a too-high pitch or uses “upspeak” (going up at the end of an utterance) or “glottal fry” (a crackly voice). Basically how you speak.

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