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how to improve your diction

It’s Not About the Oxford Comma

When people first contact me they often say, “I’d like to learn how to improve diction.” They want to learn to pronounce their speech better. The answer isn’t in over-articulation. The first question I ask is, “Why?” They invariably tell me that they want people to listen to them, really hear them.  The first part of this article addresses the

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Who Gives a F*** about an Oxford Comma?

Credit to Vampire Weekend for their song with the same line. And the same concept. I don’t know precisely what they’re talking about in the song except that people who are more concerned about diction than their relationships may just be doing it wrong. People are very concerned about their speech. They want to sound precise and articulate. But what

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how to tell a great story

Storytelling: How to Get People to Follow You

Storytelling Is Paramount We all know this. We are constantly reminded that to get the job done, give a good presentation, and really get your message across; we need to be great at storytelling. A great story makes your listener feel like they were there with you. A great story makes the listener draw a picture in their mind. A picture that works for

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how to sound amazing

Sound Amazing in a Brave New World

This ain’t your grandpa’s world folks. This is you in a world where you’re constantly proving yourself. There’s tremendous competition. If you want to get ahead & stay ahead you need to communicate your message clearly, effectively & persuasively. You need to get people to follow your call-to-action. To do so you have to sound amazing. And you can! People

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how to master elevator pitch

5 Steps to the Perfect Elevator Pitch

What is the most common question you’re asked when you meet someone new? Is it: A)  How did you become so amazing? B)  Can I draw on your hat? C)  What do you do? What is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a 15-20 second description of what you do or how you benefit someone else. The premise of

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body language fixes with convey

Body Language: Get a Leg Up in the World

I was inspired to write about improving body language after listening to a podcast where 2 guys warned of their concerns that if you improve your body language you’ll become an “aggressive weirdo corporate creep.”  I suppose that could happen if you work on your body language in a really weird way. Like just being really stiff and putting your fingertips together.

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how to fix body language

Body Language Fixes You Need Right Now

I was introduced to a podcast called “Stuff You Should Know” on a recent epic road trip with my brother, Peter, & his family. He wanted me to hear an episode on Body Language knowing it was right up my alley. These two guys do a bunch of research on a topic & then discuss it on their podcast. Super

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how to speak better

How to Speak Better: Quick & Easy Tricks

To get what you need out of life you need to speak smoothly. In the last blog post, we talked about  the 3 critical steps to speaking well in high-anxiety situations (like interviews, presentations, venture capital meetings, client meetings, small talk, etc.) They were: Be relaxed. We perform better at everything we do when we’re comfortable, and speaking is no

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