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Body Language: Get a Leg Up in the World

I was inspired to write about improving body language after listening to a podcast where 2 guys warned of their concerns that if you improve your body language you’ll become an “aggressive weirdo corporate creep.”  I suppose that could happen if you work on your body language in a really weird way. Like just being really stiff and putting your fingertips together. Let’s try that one for giggles.

The rest of us who are obviously attempting to be self-actualized & realize that we humans aren’t born perfect & that our pre-frontal cortex still shuts down when we’re placed in anxiety-ridden communicative situations, us, we’re going to make sure that we don’t fidget or cross our arms or keep our shoulders up to our ears. We’re looking to succeed in this world & being aware of our body language gives us a leg up in the world.

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So Yes, Improve Your Body Language

Some really great stuff about improving body language here.

I had this amazing client who was a high-level executive in a financial firm who often found herself in meetings with only men. She found it impossible to sit at the back of her chair! She was always at the edge of her seat! how could she possibly demonstrate her authority & talent sitting at the edge of her seat? That’s impossible! It took her a couple of weeks but she was able to sit at the back of her chair. This resulted in her having more control over herself & others.

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Communicate Successfully

In addition to improving your own body language, being observant of others‘ body language is also important. When people have their arms & legs crossed they’re likely to be more resistant to your ideas. Our bodies demonstrate how we’re feeling. Being observant of what others are doing can help us get what we need out of each situation.


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Successful communications depend upon people being relaxed & open. When you bring your open body language, a nice smile & a warm voice to a meeting you’re helping other people to be relaxed. It’s kindness & it’s great leadership. If you improve body language that’s exactly what you’ll end up with-successful communications & strong relationships.

Amy Cuddy has some great stuff about body language. She says it shapes who you are. And she’s definitely not an “aggressive weirdo corporate creep.

Watch people’s’ faces & bodies during meetings this week & let me know what you’ve observed by writing in the comments below. Also, let me know what body language tricks you use.

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  1. Brittney Pagan

    I used to be suuuuper nervous all the time like social anxiety type of nervousness. So I tried this body language method and it worked.. temporarily.. BUT when you push yourself to do the method over and over again every single day, you do actually become confident (also helps with inner confidence). In this case “fake it till you make it” really does apply. Besides its better to take this kind of action rather than keep wishing that you were more confident!

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