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Accent Reduction is Just a Keyword

I notice on my social media accounts that occasionally people become offended when they hear the words, “Accent Reduction” or “Obtain an American Accent.”  I get that.  I don’t want people to blend in.  People shouldn’t all be the same.  That’s what “accent reduction” implies, right? You can speak with an American accent and not sound like everyone else!

Get What You Want With More Persuasive Speaking

Speak with an American Accent in all Environments of Your Life.

What “accent reduction” means to me is helping people be crystal clear when they speak. Helping to make people’s lives easier when they’re busy translating their thoughts into English.  Because you can have an easy time communicating in your second & third languages.  It doesn’t have to be difficult.

I just use “Accent reduction” & “American Accent” as keywords for my hashtags and titles because those are the words many people are typing in when they’re looking to speak in a crystal clear fashion.


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What I must tell you is that communicating in a crystal clear fashion is the ONLY way (legally & morally) to get people to do what you tell them to do.  You greatly reduce your odds of people doing what you need them to do when they are having a hard time processing your message.

Obtaining an American Accent Is Likely Not What You Think

Why Speak with an American Accent?

Accented speech in running conversation (or when giving a presentation) can be difficult for people to process. Alas, difficult for them to follow your call-to-action.  What is your call-to-action?  It’s to get people to believe you & believe in you.  It’s to get people to see how smart & funny you are.  To buy your widget or to hang out with you.  To agree with you.  Plus my clients are tired of people saying, “where are you from?” right after they say something genius. 

How to Speak with an American Accent


american accent with convey


You can learn more about getting rid of your accent here.  For hard-to-believe tricks check out this article: 4 Steps to an American Accent. You can speak with an American accent.

When you’re done with your awesome accent reduction program you don’t sound like everybody else. You sound like yourself. Crystal clear, concise & highly persuasive.  You deserve it.


Watch this video of Ita Olsen 3 Amazing Tips to Sounding Smooth in Standard American English

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