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What If You Could Be Habitually Relaxed Even In High-Stakes Situations?

This course will teach you to speak confidently and with authority, even under the most stressful professional situations — from interviews to performance evaluations. It starts with prerequisites of a smooth and comfortable voice. From there you will learn to fix common mistakes involving where in your mouth and throat sounds are coming from. Finally you will put it all together and sound PERFECT!  



Free 1 on 1 evaluation

When you purchase this course you will get a free video session with an instructor..

Course Details

Five 20-25 minute video lessons training you to have a voice that's dripping with poise, warmth, and authority. Plus shorter videos for extra training and practice. We add videos all the time and you have lifetime access!

Ita has a proven method for improving speech abilities and presentation skills. She is my personal confidence coach, and has worked with many on my staff. I would recommend her services to anyone would benefit from being perceived by colleagues or clients as professional, expert and confident in all settings.
Lane Kent

Results in 1 week

This course relies on commitment and effort from you. But if you make the effort you, and the people you are speaking with, will notice changes in as little as a week.

We know these are difficult times and we want to help. So we are offering this course at over a $100 discount, normally $199, right now it is $149.