What if you could be habitually relaxed even in high-stakes situations?

This course teaches you to do just that. This course is the short version of our relaxation exercises but works just as well.
Follow along with the five and a half minute video twice a day for 21 days.




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The exercises pair relaxation with breathing, so you'll create a relaxation reflex. You'll literally breathe in and find tension & breathe out and eliminate the stress in your body. Fight or flight (FOF) happens to everyone who strives to get ahead in the world. You put yourself into high-stakes situations. What does FOF do to your body? It makes your shoulders go up; it causes vertical breathing. It closes up your throat & shuts down your prefrontal cortex. That's why you draw a blank and forget what you even said up there!

Ita has a proven method for improving speech abilities and presentation skills. She is my personal confidence coach, and has worked with many on my staff. I would recommend her services to anyone would benefit from being perceived by colleagues or clients as professional, expert and confident in all settings.
Lane Kent

Results in 3 weeks

Is this going to take a little time? Yes. You can't just do the exercises once and forget about them. We're developing habits here.
If you do the exercises twice a day for 21 days, you'll create a relaxation habit within yourself. And you'll never look back. It’s 10 minutes of video, but you only need to do 5 minutes twice a day.