Your Fear of Public Speaking Can Kill You

Are you nervous to speak in public? Fear of public speaking can be identified by losing sleep before a presentation or a performance. It can also make you feel the need to medicate prior to your event.

Persuasive SpeakingEveryone is devastated about Prince. He had so much talent & a beautiful message. I’m heartbroken.  It’s coming out that he had such severe stage fright that he used painkillers to quash his fear. It’s criminal. Not him. Our society. Big Pharma. Something has to be done!

Fear of Public Speaking

When I was just starting out in my business I was a terrible presenter. My knees would shake. Palms sweating and heart racing.  My mind drew a blank. I happen to be at the doctor for a checkup, she says, Anything else? (poised with her pen over her prescription pad.) I told her the physical symptoms I had when in front of an audience. She immediately writes me a prescription for something. I don’t know what because I didn’t fill it.Fear of Speaking

Walking out of the doctor’s office I thought, “That’s so crazy! I’m not gonna take drugs! What am I, Bono? There has to be a better solution to my fear of speaking than needing to pop pills!”  I did loads of research at the Barnes & Noble down the street. (It was the mid-90s!) I am a Speech Language Pathologist so I know there’s a connection between physiology and fear. We were trained to teach our clients relaxation exercises.  It’s the first thing we do. So I did my relaxation exercises which made me super comfortable in front of an audience.

I’m not into stats; we’ve all read them–the percentage of people who have some fear of being in front of an audience. It’s worse than death, being bitten by a shark, etc.

The opioids that doctors are prescribing are highly addictive. We can’t blame the patients when our trusted doctors prescribe opioids for pain.

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Fear of Public Speaking & Performing is Real

Something has to be done about this.  There is a solution that doesn’t involve drugs.  I promise you. You can be crazy relaxed in front of a group of people. It’s not a pill or a shot. But it takes a few weeks of training.  That’s nothing!  To help you to sleep before speaking/performing events!  To help you succeed in life.  And to keep you healthy. I’m proof. I have my blue ribbons from Toastmasters to prove it! My clients are proof. They swear by my relaxation exercises. They result in a very relaxed feeling before & during presentations.

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Steps to Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking

  1. First of all, you have to FindYourRelaxedPlace before & during every communicative situation. Warm-ups are cute but they don’t last. I teach people to pair their relaxation with breathing so eventually they just have to breathe to stay relaxed.  Breathe in & create tension, breathe out & release it. Here’s an article on how to find serenity at work.
  2. Use AirForSpeech to FindYourTrueVoice. FYI, you have a gorgeous voice under the layers of tension in your throat. Let it out by “letting your voice take a ride on the air.” This keeps your brain open so you don’t forget what you’re going to say. There’s a connection between a tight throat & access to your brain. Drawing a blank is due to tension in your throat!
  3. Practice & assess. As I always say, “Shoot for a C–then keep improving until it becomes an A+
  4. Most of all, Love your audience. Love them. Want the best for them. You message, your music–it’s what they need! In doing so you forget about yourself. You can’t possibly be nervous because you’re not thinking about what anyone thinks of you. You’re only thinking about what your audience needs to learn.
  5. Laugh at yourself! Adding humor to your presentation makes everybody happy & open to your message. And when you make a mistake remember you’re human & laugh it off!

You don’t need drugs to reduce your anxiety. Be sure to eliminate your fear of public speaking & become a ham 🙂 You can make it work for you! Try the above steps & see just how comfortable & confident you become.

Download the 9 Secret Steps to Influencing Others.
Download the 9 Secret Steps to Influencing Others.

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