What do I end up with when I'm done with the course?

You end up conveying your message in a crystal clear, highly persuasive fashion. You end up with amazing relationships with everyone in your life. You end up getting what you need out of life. Please use it for the good ?

Can I be more influential as a habit? Or does Convey just provide tips?

Convey training causes you to be completely influential as a learned behavior. We train you in the easiest, quickest way. It does involve a tiny bit of torture because we are going to make your aware of some errors that you’re making – but we then train you to fix them. Your new, influential way of speaking becomes a habit. You never have to think about it again.

Does the coursework require a Mensa IQ?

Everything we teach at Convey involves simple steps. None of it is brain surgery. The challenge is putting in a bit of time for homework each week. About 20-30 minutes/day. It all helps to form new habits. Take note: The homework you put in for the first few weeks pays for itself in a short time. It adds time into your life. Because you’re calmer, more confident and influential the first time, every time.

Wouldn't doing a Skype/Hangouts session be less effective than in-person?

We thought so, too, in 2004 when we first started providing webcam sessions. We soon discovered they work faster and more efficiently. Why? Not so sure. But we think it’s because you have the cues of your own environment to provide reminders, you can see yourself in the camera as you see your instructor, and you don’t have to compete with traffic and stress to get to your class. Whatever the reason, Skype or Hangouts communication skills training classes work 20-30% faster than in-person sessions. And they cost less ?

What kind of person takes Convey classes?

Convey is probably not for everyone. If you’re already highly successful and want for nothing in your life, everybody listens to you and does what you say then please carry on! Enjoy! But if you need to be more authoritative, more credible & more influential; if you want people to understand your message–even the nuances–and do what you tell them to do, then these courses are for you. You are great at what you do. You need to make sure the people around you know that so you can get your job done to a fare-thee-well.

Are the courses worth the price?

Every single past client (there are thousands) reports that their training was worth much more than they paid for it. Right from the beginning in 1996 and we’ve only gotten better over time.

How do I know which programs are for me?

Take a free consultation with us right over the phone or Skype. We’ll listen to you and make appropriate recommendations. We’ll design your communication skills training program just for you!

How long is it going to take for me to convey my message effectively in all arenas of my life?

As you can imagine, that depends on you and your specific needs. When we first meet with you we’ll tell you the goals that we set for you and give you an idea how long it’s going to take. But one of the main variables in determining how long your communication skills training program is going to take is just how “open” you are to the changes that we train within you and being open to sounding/feeling different. Most people achieve their goals in about 6 sessions.

What's the difference between the one-on-one classes and the self study programs? Do they work the same?

They both work very well. The 1-on-1 sessions are not always possible for everyone’s budget, so we’ve created self-study programs that have custom-designed features. That’s the part that makes it a habit in your life. You take your initial consultation, get your goals from your Convey instructor with step by step systematic instructions that coincide with the video lessons you receive. You also receive audio with the exact words from your life. The difference? A bit more self-dependence. But honestly–no matter which communication skills training course you choose: the more work you do, the faster this will work.

I have more questions, what do I do?

We are here for you! Don’t be afraid to contact us any time.