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The 1 Thing Marketers Are Still Doing Wrong

By May 10, 2017Tips & Tricks

A marketer was badgering me so I finally took her call.

She had taken the time out to call incessantly–there she gets a few points. 🙂 On about her 5th call I spoke briefly with her and said “Here are my pain points, (I listed the ones I know) during our scheduled call I want you to have the solution to my marketing pains.” I did this important part of her job for her.

I told her that I do this all day long with my clients (we go over their decks & we roleplay.) And that I didn’t want to hear all about her firm–I want to hear how you’re going to solve my problems. I literally train my clients to say the right things while they’re presenting. If you talk too much about what you do & don’t make it relate to your prospect your chances of hooking them decrease significantly.

Marketers’ Mistakes

The scheduled call time comes and guess what? She presents her deck for the entire call. Talks about what her firm does. She clearly didn’t take my advice & figure out my pain. She didn’t do any research about me! I’m all over the internet! A quick skim & anyone can see my branding needs help. That my site is a bit slow. Fuhget about my mobile! A good marketer should be able to look at my site & my social & tell me what they can do to help me.

Here’s someone (me) who probably could’ve benefited from your help, gave you the chance & you ended up just confusing me. Not explaining what I really needed & how what you offer could benefit me

The Solution to These Mistakes

What’s the moral? The only way to convince someone that their problem can easily be solved by the skills in your wheelhouse is to speak only to that prospect’s needs. Spend time asking them questions. Then figure out what you can do to help them. People need your help. We all have our own wheelhouses & we can’t do everything.

If you’re presenting your deck & you’re not getting the new clients you need come to me & let’s go over it together. We’ll whip it right into shape! We can probably get it done in 1 or 2 fun sessions!


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